About Deer Scouter


DEER SCOUTER allows you to log deer movement, establish deer patterns, fine tune travel routes, record tree stand sites, record where deer were harvested, record hunter location in the woods, and record exact locations of deer sightings and deer sign with a click of a button that automatically plots all of the information on a map.

◊ One click to plot points
◊ GPS and Manual plotting
◊ Current Location weather
◊ Wind Speed and Direction
◊ Add field notes
◊ Does not require cell coverage
◊ Data Sharing

In the past, in order to collect the aforementioned information, it would have had to be done manually through copious notes hand written in the field that would later need to be translated and plotted on a map of your hunting area. Now, through the click of buttons, you can stand by a scrape, a rub on a tree, a deer bed, or see a deer, press a button, and the information is stored in your iphone and overlaid onto the map of your hunting area.

As data is collected over time, the hunter who becomes the analyzer quickly starts to connect the dots and begins to make detailed meaning of the deer sign and where to better place stands or sits in the deer woods.

As any hunter knows, nothing will ever guarantee us the sighting of that deer that we are hunting. However, with the use of Deer Scouter, the hunter can potentially increase the odds of understanding the deer movement on the land that is being hunted to become more precise and then better predict where to be to potentially increase his/her odds to harvest a deer.

◊ Log deer movement
◊ Establish deer patterns
◊ Fine tune travel routes
◊ Record tree stand and trail camera sites
◊ Record where deer were harvested
◊ Record locations of deer sightings and deer signs