Q. Can’t plot points? Clicking on Markers and nothing happens? Deer Scouter opens and the map fails to zoom to your current location?


 A. If Deer Scouter opens and the map displays the world view (shown on the left) then your Location Services are turned off. Open your iphone Settings > Location Services and make sure that BOTH the Location Services and the Deer Scouter toggle buttons are turned ON.

Q. Hunting property does not have cell service?

A. Load the map of the area to be hunted prior to leaving cell service areas.

Q. Got a new iPhone and seem to be missing old Deer Scouter data?

A. Backup your Deer Scouter data on the old iPhone and manage iCloud storage on your new iPhone.

On the old phone, backup data to the cloud (sign up for FREE iCloud if you do not already have an account)…

    1. Go to Settings > iCloud > Documents & Data
    2. Turn on Documents & Data
    3. Go back to iCloud
    4. Select Storage & Backup > Manage Storage > (Your Device Name)
    5. Show all Apps and turn on the Deer Scouter App

On your new phone…

    1. Follow the steps above to manage your iCloud Storage
    2. Open Deer Scouter App
    3. Data is now there