How to Use

My Locations:

When the my location toggle button is “ON” the map opens to and follows your current location. Keep toggle button “ON” when plotting GPS points on the map.

When the my location toggle button is “OFF” you are free to pan and zoom around the map. Use this mode to analyze your data.

Provides a list of all plotted Tree Stands. Select a Tree Stand from the list to zoom to that location. It is a good idea to name your Tree Stands.


Plot points on the map:
1. GPS Plotting…

Use buttons when plotting current location points on the map. Be sure the my location toggle button is set to “ON.”

Clicking the More… button will open a list of all GPS plotting markers. Select “marker” from list.

“Markers” are plotted on the map when buttons are selected. Select individual “Markers” to view, add, and edit details.

2. Manual Plotting – Press and hold the map at location of “marker” to be placed. A list of available “markers” will display. Select “marker” from list.


“Marker” Details:

Press “markers” to see name, date and time. Press the arrow for more details.


  • Create, edit, and save notes by clicking in text fields and entering info.
  • Press the Save button to save info and return to the map.
  • Press the Cancel button to return to the map without saving your changes.
  • Press the Delete button to delete the marker.
  • Press the Camera icon to attach photos to markers.
  • Press the photo icon to view attached photos.



Displays current location weather conditions and temperature.

Displays current location wind speed and direction.


Show “Markers” over time:

Use the slider to show plotted points over time.